Nira Berry
Nira Berry    
Conference Speaker

Nira Berry Speaker

Uplifting, unique motivational keynote Speaker: Interactive Laughter; Stress Reduction & Happiness Boosting techniques experienced



Corporate Events

Laughter Corporate

Give them what they want!   Fun, interactive Laughter events for uplifting staff & boosting morale. Programs customized to meet your  goals.



LaughingRx Laughter Yoga

Laughter Exercises

Laughter Wellness & Laughter Yoga Classes, Workshops -for groups & Individuals.  Laughter is a tool to bring yourself joy, stress reduction and fun.



Nira- The Happiness Coach

Transform your Life

Personal Development, Business & life Coaching for a Happy Life. Why wait for your dreams to come true? Call Nira Berry today for a FREE sample session.



Nira brings a positive attitude, a lot of laughter and practical tools to  her audience. She is an asset to whomever uses her workshops and presentations.   In the words of one of our guests following one of Nira's LaughingRx presentation, "you can't take life so seriously!  Thank you for a great time!"  After her presentations at Canyon Ranch, you can't help but feel good!      ...Canyon Ranch, Lenox

Mindy Hammalian, Program Specialist, Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort

"Our group bonded while they all laughed out loud!   Nira's LaughingRx program uplifted us while we gained valuable life skills!" 

 Exec Director, Senior Hospital Manager

My mission is to ignite your joy!         

Happiness is a choice.  

"Life Is Better When You're Laughing"                                   --  Nira Berry, Laughter Expert - The Laughter Queen          

Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”   Abraham Lincoln

  This is one of my favorite quotes.   Think about this, and you'll see this is really true.  

"We create our own reality everyday, every minute, every second."     -   Nira Berry

Nira Berry is an uplifting, motivational speaker bringing fun, interactive laughter to conferences & meetings, a certified master laughter yoga teacher and laughter therapist, and a certified life coach specializing in your happiness!




Contact Nira Berry for your next event & for more info:      240-888-6555


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