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Alive With Joy Coaching

Happiness & Motivational Coaching by Nira Berry ... ... ...Certified Life, Health and Wellness Coach.                                            

You've found me!  Now you can upgrade your life, career, health and relationships. I will guide you on your path of transformation to be the person and do the things you've always wanted to do!  You can do it all with my coaching practice.

Nira enjoys coaching entrepreneurs, millenials, career, relationships, empty nesters, all types of transitions  and anyone that is looking to find or fulfill their life's dreams and goals


Live Life in the Positive!

I empower my clients to find their inner strengths and strategies that will help them gain the success they are looking for in life – in health and careers.

My coaching is targeted for your individual goals, in a style that works specifically for your needs to help you reach your best, fullest life potential.

I offer ongoing conversations in person, on the phone and by video chat.  My fees vary depending on the length and frequency of the client relationship. Please join me for an initial complimentary coaching conversation of creating promising possibilities.

Please join me for a free mini sample coaching conversation.  

Contact:     240-888-6555

Nira Berry, Certified Health and Happiness Coach

Coaching is also as a package such as these below:

Corporate coaching packages

Each package includes:
-5 sessions total
-3   hour group sessions
-2  45 min. interactive laughter sessions

Topics Include:
-Planning for Wellness
-Avoiding Burnout
-Where's the FUN?
-Choices we make: the good, bad and beautiful
-Got Joy?


Private coaching packages

6 session packages include:
-free initial consultation
-optional laughter session
-Laugh off stress laughter yoga DVD
-10 steps to Wellness by Nira Berry

Package Topics pick one of these or your own to start:
-Got Joy? find your joy
-Develop your wellness plan
-Find your life purpose
-Is your career really you?
-Reach your health and/or fitness goal (Quit Smoking/Lose Weight)
         Coaching via telephone or Skype for greater convenience

4 session packages include:
-free initial consultation;
-optional laughter session;
-10 steps to Wellness by Nira Berry

Package Topics pick one of these or your own to start:
-Creating Positive Changes in your life
-Reducing your stress
-Obtain your Healthy lifestyle
-Setting yourself up for success
-Strategies for a happy life
-Living beyond breast cancer
          Coaching via telephone or Skype for greater convenience

Individual private coaching sessions are available day and evening appointments

Individual private coaching sessions can be combined with laughter sessions.


“Nira has worked with me as a coach and I highly recommend her.
I found working with Nira a very valuable experience. In my case, I am starting a new business and I found myself "stuck"in several areas,such as managing my time working from home and having discipline. Through Nira, I discovered that the root of my problem included fear and an inability to motivate myself. She was able to recognize my issues and suggested manageable strategies,or "baby steps" that made the process feel do-able and less scary. I now felt accountable, and I needed that. The small baby steps gave me a little traction to build on, that had previously eluded me. Nira has great instincts, and I felt I could be completely open and honest without judgment. She genuinely cares about your success, is patient and is a great listener. We can be very hard on ourselves. As my coach, Nira gave me permission to lay it all out on the line and then helped me figure out ways to overcome my weaknesses and recognize my strengths.

Shelley Slomnicki” November 28, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

hired Nira as a Career Coach 


Nira's background:

  • Graduate Degree: Health and Wellness Coaching                                                Maryland University of Integrative Health
  • Certified International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified Coach
  • CTI: Coaches Training Institute  graduate
  • Member, International Coaching Federation (ICF) 
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Laughter expert                                                                          Trained in Switzerland by founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria
  • Laughter therapist and laughter coach
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner NIH sponsored                                                                                    
  • Founder of Laughter Wellness
  • Faculty, Montgomery College, MD
  • Author of Laugh Off Stress: Laughter Yoga Exercises DVD
  • Author of upcoming book:  Laugh Off Stress  (to order:


was a previous business leader, retail corporate executive and recipient of SBA (Small Business Administration) award at the White House.  

I am an experienced keynote Conference Speaker and presenter on topics such as stress management, developing your wellness plan and reaching your peak performance as well as leading interactive laughter workshops.  Nira has been featured in international/national and local TV, internet, magazines and newspapers. 
My many clients call me The Happiness Coach!


In 2001 my journey began when I was going treatment for breast cancer and my life was not so rosey.  I was going through a very hard and painful time in my life and I was looking for a way to cope with life, reduce my stress and reduce my pain as well as lead a more meaningful and fulfilled life.  Through this journey of mine, I discovered the power of laughter;  the importance of a joy-filled life, and living life to one's fullest potential.  
I enjoy sharing this knowledge and guiding my clients to find their most joyous life and fulfillment.  We have one life to live- so let's live it!


    I can help you live your life of passion, vitality and fulfillment. 

                                 ...while guiding you to lose your stress, anxiety and worry.

for more information on life coaching, laughter coaching and Wellness Speaking presentations:

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Nira Berry 

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Uplifting & Fun!


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  • Sophie Novinsky (Monday, July 11 16 10:24 am EDT)

    Hi Nira, my colleague Meghann Schwartz met you over the weekend, and I wanted to contact you. I do programming for a number of women engagements for the Jewish Federation in Howard County, and I'd
    like to get more information about what you do. Specifically, since we are very small with a limited budget, what do you charge? Hope to hear from you.

  • Robert Benjamin (Thursday, August 27 15 01:09 am EDT)

    Thank you Nira for your uplifting laughter program for our annual meeting! Everyone was smiling for hours following!

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