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Nira leading a LaughingRx class

LaughingRx laughter programs are a unique, interactive group exercise which combines laughter, deep breathing and lots of fun, led by Nira Berry..  


Nira Berry is a Certified Life Coach and stress management expert.
Nira is known as the Happiness Coach is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Stress Management expert. Nira lectures nationwide on laughter, happiness and stress management.  
Trained by founder of Laughter yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria,in Switzerland over 15 years ago, Nira is an International leader of Laughter Programs, author of Laugh off Stress: Laughter Yoga Exercises: Laugh Off Stress DVD, and is the host of TV show:  Happy & Healthy TV show on MMCTV


Discover how to laugh more, to manage stress or just learn how to train yourself to laugh like a kid again with LaughingRX.  Bring joy back into your life with laughter exercises!  No prior experience necessary. No yoga poses. Learn what everyone is laughing about.


          Nira offers programs virtually! 

 Wellness Programs, life Coaching, Retreats & event facilitation 

 Follow Nira on:    Facebook:   Nira Berry Speaker & Happiness Coach         Facebook:  LaughingRx        Twitter: LaughingRx

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** Nira has been a featured speaker,  leading happiness and Laughter programs at many well-known conferences, corporations, resorts, spas, cruise ships, and recently in Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Az and Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Mass.

Join Nira for fun, fitness & Laughter!

Laughter Exercise Programs including:
Laughter Therapy
Life & Happiness Coaching  *   Laughter Yoga Classes 
Laughter Wellness Workshops,
Laughter Webinars  *  Lectures & Seminars  
 Open to the public programs


LaughingRx  Events & Classes schedule


Catch Nira Berry on TV!

Nira Berry, The Happiness Coach, is the host of TV show:  Happy & Healthy on MMCTV  

Nira Berry, Certified Life Coach & Certified laughter Yoga Teacher will help you discover and explore ways of keeping you feeling healthy and happy. Don't miss Nira's inspiring 3 minute 'Good To Know' segments at the end- cause Nira always has some good information to share!

Catch past episodes of Happy & Healthy on video page:

go to this link:  happy & Healthy TV show link    find:  Happy & Healthy




10 minutes Laughter Yoga Zoom Classes

with Nira Berry!


(+ donations also accepted!)

Mondays at 7:00pm:

Boost Your Happiness & Reduce stress with upbeat laughter exercises, led by world renowned laughter expert, Nira Berry, of LaughingRx.  Nira will lead fun interactive laughter that includes music, movement and fun that will leave you feeling uplifted and joyful!
Nira Berry is a Certified Life Coach known as the Happiness Coach; Certified laughter yoga teacher; TV show host of Happy & Healthy & author of Laugh Off Stress: laughter yoga exercises DVD.
Laughter has been scientifically proven to reduce stress & boost immune system, boost happiness and ability to cope!
classes include:  laughter exercises, movement, music & laughter boosting (& per request:  guided visualization relaxation segment).
Time:  7:00 EST
Dates: Ongoing Mondays:    check website for updated skip dates
To register:
$25 fee   (+ donations accepted too!!) 
paid to Paypal account:
or Venmo:  @niraberry
Your payment is your registration.
Please note your name(s),  email, date of event you are registering for.  
(please only register for up to 2 classes at a time.  If you need to cancel, kindly give at least 24hr. notice)
registration is open until the Wednesday prior to the Monday class.
You'll receive the zoom link & password the Friday prior to class.

Upcoming Sundays Monthly:     

                  Laughter Wellness Zoom Workshops    


topic: 10 steps to Boost Your Happiness starting Today!


upcoming future topics such as:          
You Can do it! Coping in Hard times, How to WIN in life! Stress Be Gone!   Finding Your Bliss.    Living in Balance Work / life Balance.   Steps to Optimal Health, Sleep 101.    Laugh for health.    Got Joy? Ten tips to Boost Happiness    &    21 days to Gratefulness & Positivity

Unique uplifting programs:  discover strategies for stress reduction; bringing more sanity in our lives; finding bliss; work/life balance, How to live healthy and happy and turning around your perspective- living positively  especially needed during Covid times! - includes laughter stress reducing techniques you can use in your real life!  

Fee:  $50 per person w/ prior reg. & payment online to PayPal account:  

All Workshops include: laughter exercises, movement, music & guided visualization & relaxation


To register:
$50 fee  
paid to Paypal account:
or Venmo:  @niraberry
Your payment is your registration.
Please note your name(s),  email, date of event you are registering for.  
(please only register for up to 2 classes at a time.  If you need to cancel, 24hr. notice required)
registration is open until the Wednesday prior to workshop date
You'll receive the zoom link & password the Friday prior to class.



more workshops to come!
 Contact me with workshop suggestions you'd like me to lead for your group /business!
Did you know? ...   extended laughter has been scientifically proven to produce natural killer cells that kill off viruses and cancer cells
Do you want to sponsor the next event for an underserved community, such as:
veterans, seniors or cancer survivors?
Let me know!  


Laughter Therapy


Laughter coaching with Nira Berry is your ticket to

success in health, happiness & work.


Private Laughter therapy / laughter coaching by Telephone or videochat:                                            

 Nira's virtual laughter therapy package includes:    FUN Laughter filled sessions, music, relaxation, handouts          

Perfect for you & your busy schedule- add laughter & fun boosting into your life! Customized uplifting laughter exercises, stress management laughter tools and real-life laughter techniques experienced.

15 minute session:   $60    You will feel uplifted, and feel ontop of the world!       

30 minute session:  $98   The longer session really gives you longer lasting effects! The opportunity to have longer lasting happiness boosting and stress reduction.

Ask about packages                                  

Private Life Coaching by Telephone or Videochat :

 50 min. sessions weekly or bi-monthly.  Contact Nira for private life coaching.

Combine laughter & life coaching:    Woo Hoo! 

aYour opportunity to feel on top of the world and then go for it!

15 minute laughter therapy session followed by 50 min coaching -via telephone or videochat  
Nira is available internationally 


Nira Berry is a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Certified Health and life Coach.     
free sample coaching session available.
         coaching packages available- contact:  for more info.



date to be determined

Sunday 1-2pm          Free Lecture:      12 Steps to Reducing Stress:  Exploring Stress Reduction techniques

if you want to be on email list for upcoming classes/events:

Combine 2, 30 min. private virtual laughter sessions wtih 5 private Coaching sessions:
               $1550  with email registration & pre-payment

   Get ready to put on a smile!      

Private Life Coaching and laughter therapy offered via telephone or videochat  
 Nira Berry,
Certified Life Coach, Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

check out more information, webinars and programs on Nira's website   
 Available: private seminars for your group/business.

                                      Available:  Private healing laughter therapy for individuals & groups.




2 LaughingRx laughter therapy Webinars / 2 laughter therapy telephone conferences offered below:


Reduce Your Stress starting NOW with Laughter Therapy webinar: $85

all webinars are pre-recorded:

60 min. session include: laughter & FUN in each session and:

– Learn the scientifically proven benefits of laughter
– Laughter for stress reduction in the real world pt. 1 with laughter exercises
– laughter for stress reduction in the real world pt. 2 with laughter exercises
– Laughter for relaxation, laughter meditation

 *Reg & payment to:  PayPal to account: 

 include: series name. (Your payment is your registration).


Live Your Happiest Life  webinar $95
60 min. session includes

:  laughter therapy exercises, techniques & tips to live your Happiest life-    Includes: handout 
– What are our daily choices? – Tools for happiness              – 10 steps to Happiness to start today                                                                   – 21 days to gratitude                     – – Laughter for relaxation, laughter meditation, guided relaxation

  * Reg & payment to:  PayPal to account:

 Include series name . (payment is your registration  


Laughter Therapy- Fun Laughter Exercises webinar:          $75   
20 minute 
 Laughter filled session, handouts,  Laughter therapy is a life coaching & laughter yoga combined technique you can use as a tool to cope.  Perfect for your busy schedule & you need to laugh! 

 * Reg & pay to: PayPal account:

(Include name, email , webinar name)




exciting and fun workshop:

Aha! Self-Discovery through Creativity & Laughter: Relaxed Painting, movement  and fun

Creative release through art expression, laughter exercises and stress reducing techniques Reconnect with your authentic self through a unique wellness experience

While engaging in this fun, dynamic workshop you’ll:
Discover your Joy!
Bring out your inner child
Learn Stress Reduction Techniques
Find your creative energy
Feel energized and Connect with your mind, body and soul
Studies have shown more creativity and laughter leads to creative solutions, ideas, reduced stress, increased energy and productivity and an overall sense of well-being

2 hour Workshop includes:
Abstract painting- no artistic ability needed! (You supply your own canvas & paint)
Fun Laughter exercises
Tips on reducing stress in the real world

 Fee:  $250

Bring a friend: $350/2 people     

group workshops available 

Comfortable clothes recommended

Workshops offered monthly.  Please contact Nira for info on next dates: RSVP to






Just for kicks!

check out my upcoming program info & Facebook live laughter programs on:

Nira Berry Speaker & Happy Coach Facebook page




Nira leading a LaughingRx class

Lets Laugh Off Stress!  Just a quickie 5 minute FREE laughter experience to help us cope & boost our immune system!

Sunday nights 7:30pm EST

Special call in telelaughter #  7127757031  

 RSVP for code to:

LaughingRx Laughter Wellness experiences are led by Nira Berry, Master Laughter Yoga Teacher and Happiness Coach! Programs are unique, fun, interactive group exercise which combines laughter, deep breathing and lots of fun,

Discover how to laugh again-  bring your silliest laugh or any laugh- we'll all just laugh together!  

for 1 -1 telephone or virtual laughter contact Nira:





Private classes are available and private laughter therapy by appointment.  Nira Berry also offers individual Personal Development & Happiness coaching based on your individual needs & goals, by telephone.

 Email for your free mini sample coaching session today:





Laughter and Painting Team Building Program

Program includes Laughter and canvas painting experience.  Organization/corporation can keep the painting(s) and hang in corporate office.

Great morale boosting, team building experience.  Separate Painting team-building Program available, as well as scavenger hunt and more!   

  2- hour to full day programs available.  Groups of 10 to 200





 Yearly: 1st Sunday in May:   11am

     World Laughter Day Celebration

celebrated with Nira 

on zoom 

Uplifting *& fun Laughter Yoga Exercises led by Nira Berry, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher  

 World laughter Day Celebration: Come dressed in your silliest, laughable outfits! Bring Balloons! Bring maracas/tamborines etc- or just come and laugh!!  Funniest laughter costume gets a prize!!


  • When:     11am
  • Must RSVP to attend to:
  • Donations accepted to:
  •   for zoom link                                                               



**LaughingRx Laughter Yoga leader training & 

Power of Laughter 

 2-day Workshop  led by world renowned Laughter expert and laughter leader

upcoming date:   last weekend in July  

$1350/ per person              bring a friend: get $25 reduction per person!                      

Come for training or come to learn to use laughter in your everyday life for health, relaxation & happinessLocation:  Rockville, MD              min. 5 registrants required.

RSVP to:     must RSVP by July 1

Payment to PayPal to account:

please give contact name/ telephone/email & specify workshop title

LaughingRx Laughter Yoga Certificate of completion given at end of course



    Nira and LaughingRx class written about in the Washington Post Newspaper:       


Contact Nira Today!

Nira Berry 

The Happiness Coach

LaughingRx, President 



240 888 6555

Uplifting & Fun!


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  • Sophie Novinsky (Monday, July 11 16 10:24 am EDT)

    Hi Nira, my colleague Meghann Schwartz met you over the weekend, and I wanted to contact you. I do programming for a number of women engagements for the Jewish Federation in Howard County, and I'd
    like to get more information about what you do. Specifically, since we are very small with a limited budget, what do you charge? Hope to hear from you.

  • Robert Benjamin (Thursday, August 27 15 01:09 am EDT)

    Thank you Nira for your uplifting laughter program for our annual meeting! Everyone was smiling for hours following!

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